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I'm a self-taught photographer living in the western suburbs of Chicago. I have been intrigued with the camera as far back as the days when I bought my first one a used Pentax K-1000. I was overjoyed to own a camera and develop black and white film and prints in my closet darkroom. I am happy to say that I'm as enthusiastic and passionate about photography now as I was back then.

I don't really classify myself as a specific genre titled photographer. I photograph a mix of subject matter including architecture, natural and man made landscapes, rural and urban environments and people. Any limitations regarding what I photograph would be far to restrictive to the creative enjoyment I seek from photography.   

I have a special liking for black and white imagery and also continue to work in color. My post camera editing is kept to a minimum. If you have any questions about my work please contact me by email or phone. My images are available to purchase as high resolution jpeg files.

Always available to talk photography!

Thanks for visiting,

Tom Fitzsimmons


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